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532 nm Single Longitudinal Mode Laser Series


High performance CW, single longitudinal mode, ultra low noise 532 nm lasers, narrow spectrum linewidth <0.00001 nm. Housed in compact packages, are the good choice for design in and integration into OEM instrumentation and systems and also for end user applications in research and development.

  Confocal microscopy
  RAMAN spectroscopy
  Particle measurements
  DNA sequency, Flow cytometry
  Digital imaging, Analytical chemistry Confocal microscopy



Operating mode Output power (mW)  Fiber coupling options AOM option Data sheets
  MSL-S-532-Raman CW 1~150 SM/ PM/ MM yes
  MSL-U-532-Raman CW 1~500 SM/ PM/ MM yes
  MSL-U-532-Brillouin CW 1~150 SM/ PM/ MM yes
  MSL-DS-532   Integrated electronics CW 1~100 SM/ PM/ MM yes
  MSL-S-532   Good seal IP67 CW 1~150 SM/ PM/ MM yes
  MSL-U-532  Ultra compact CW 1~1000 SM/ PM/ MM yes
  MSL-R-532 CW 1~10W MM /
  MSL-III-532-AOM High modulation
 up to 1MHz
1~30 SM/ PM/ MM /
  MSL-FN-532-AOM High modulation
 up to 1MHz
30~800 SM/ PM/ MM /
  MSL-AO-532 Q- switched 1~100uJ@1Hz~1kHz MM /
  FL-532-SF   Fiber laser CW 1-2000 SM/ PM/ MM /

       Options & Accessories:

CNI-single longitudinal mode laser  CNI-single longitudinal mode laser
Modulation up to 1MHz Fixed SM/PM Fiber Coupling Mount for Fiber, AOM, Isolator Heatsink TC-01

       Features of 532 nm Laser: sample laser, SN 15071234

CNI-high power stabiliy CNI-ultra low noise
RMS power stability 0.24% (4 hours) RMS noise 0.35% (20Hz-20MHz)
CNI-coherent length CNI-single longitudinal mode CNI-good beam profile TEM00 
Coherent length 50m
Linewidth 5x10-6nm
M2 factor 1.05  Beam profile (TEM00)



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