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Line Laser Module

Line laser module is a laser with uniform power density, high straightness, good stability and linear output from point light source through linear generator. They are widely used in 3d scanning measurement, dimension detection, Angle measurement, flatness, position welding, circuit board chip detection, etc.

To meet customers' demand, CNI provide different wavelengths, different power structured laser/ line laser. Compact dimensions and high reliable structure will make it easy to combine with varies of vision systems.


Model Picture Features Data sheet

  • Wavelength range: 405-660 nm
  • Diameter: Φ8 mm
  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • Wavelength range: 405-660 nm
  • Diameter: Φ12 mm
  • Optional internal or external power supply

  • Wavelength range: 405-1550 nm
  • Diameter: Φ18 mm
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Output power up to 150 mW
  • Wavelength range: 405-660 nm
  • Diameter: Φ16 mm/ Φ20 mm
  • Good collimation
  • Supply voltage 5-12VDC

  • Wavelength range: 405-1550 nm
  • Diameter: Φ16 mm
  • Adjustable focus and fixed focus
  • Wavelength range: 450-808 nm
  • Diameter: Φ20 mm
  • Output power up to 1000 mW
  • Wavelength range: 405-1550 nm
  • Diameter: Φ19 mm
  • Fine focusing
  • Output power up to 180 mW
  • Wavelength range: 375-980 nm
  • Diameter: Φ19 mm
  • Focus adjustable
  • Output power up to 3 W
  • Wavelength range: 405-1550 nm
  • Diameter: Φ20 mm
  • IP67, water and dust resistant
  • Supply voltage 5-30VDC (Wrong connection protection)
  • Modulation frequency up to 100 kHz
  • Straightness deviation <0.1%
  • Wavelength range: 405-660nm
  • Diameter: 60*32*14mm3
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy Operating
  • Wavelength range: 405-1550 nm
  • Dimensions: 105×30×30mm2
  • Supply voltage 100-240VAC with wide range
  • With air-cooled
  • With fixed orifice
  • Wavelength range: 405-1550 nm
  • Dimensions: 124×40×40mm2
  • Supply voltage 100-240VAC
  • With air-cooled
  • Output power up to 2W


CNI can customized different size according to customers' specific requirements.

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