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Laser Measurement and Safety Protection


Laser Measurement and Safety


      CNI as a designer and manufacturer of laser system, fully understood your actual demands of laser measurement and analytical capability, designed several laser measurement and safety protection instruments which are specially tailored to you. Based on the understanding of practical applications, technology and precise selection of devices, CNI dedicated to helping you find the right choice which can not only meet your measurement requirements, but also offer competitive price. The modular options we offered made it easier for you to extend the configuration when your demands increased or changed in the future, which improved the cost performance.
      In addition, we also provide data testing and customized services of laser measurement and safety protection system, which are based on customer’s needs.

Laser wavelength measurement

Laser Power&Stability Measurement

Laser power meter is used to measure laser power and power stability. CNI provides customers thermoelectric and photoelectric power meters...

Laser Wavelength Measurement

Fiber optic spectrometer is used to measure wavelength, line width of laser and common light source, also to measure fluorescence, Raman, plasma spectrum...

Laser Pulse Measurement

Photoelectric detector combined with oscilloscope can monitor ultra-fast pulsed laser and measure pulse duration, frequency, period and other parameters of lasers...

Computational Imaging System:
Ghost Imaging NEW

Ghost Imaging System is a new imaging technology that uses the second order coherence of light field to recover the spatial information of the object to be measured.

Laser Crystal Absorption Coefficient Measurement System NEW

The laser power before and after passing through the sample is monitored in real time by using the difference principle of dual-optical paths.

VO2 Phase Change Characteristic Test System NEW

The VO2 sample is heated by laser irradiation, and the laser power through VO2 sample is monitored in real time.

Coherence length measurement

Longitudinal Mode Measurement

Scanning F-P interferometer is used for longitudinal mode measurement. Laser longitudinal mode refers to the axial distribution of the light field along to its direction of propagation...

Signal Generator

Signal generator is a multifunctional and high-precision portable signal source, which can provide frequency, waveform and output electrical signal. Especially used in optogenetics.

Coherence Length Measurement

Using Michelson interferometer to split the laser beam in two. When the two light beams recombine, they interfere and form interference fringes in the focal plane...
Polarization state measurement  

Polarization State Measurement

Polarization grade and extinction ratio are the reference value of the polarization state. Glan polarizer is used to measure polarization state of the laser beam...

Infrared Laser Display Card

Infared laser display card is used to display UV/ infrared laser spot, able to convert invisible UV/ infrared light to a visible light image...

Other Data Testings and Services

Laser goggles Beam diameter/divergence testing M2 factor measurement

Laser Goggles

Laser goggles with beautiful shape, comfortable fit, high definition, extrusion deformation prevention material, are able to protect human eyes from the laser radiation damage from 200-1100nm.

Beam Diameter/Divergence Testing

Using laser profilometer to measure the energy distribution, beam diameter, divergence, ellipticity and other characteristics of the laser transverse mode...

M2 Factor Measurement

Beam quality and it's focusing capability are very important parameters of laser, are usually characterized by M² factor. M²-Meter is used to measure M² factor...
Vibration measurement Temperature measurement Custom design

Vibration Measurement

Using vibration platform to simulate single vibration in the vertical, horizontal, vertical+ horizontal direction, scanning vibration and other product transportation vibration environment...

Temperature Measurement

Temperature control box can simulate product testing in high and low temperature environment, in order to fully and accurately understand the product performance...

Custom Design

Offering optical filters, coating, crystal properties and spectrum testing services. Customizing laser measurement and safety protection systems tailored to customers...



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