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Laser Goggles

Laser Goggles

1. Protect wavelength: 180-540nm; Typical wavelength: 266nm, 355nm, 405nm, 450nm, 532nm, etc.
   Application: excimer, ultraviolet, green laser protection.
    LS-G: VLT=40%, OD5+ for 180-540nm,
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIRM LB5 for 315-540nm
      LS-G-2: VLT=25%, OD7+ for 180-534nm (High protection),
      LB-Rating (EN 207): DIRM LB6 for 315-534nm

    LS-G-3: T<1%, OD4+   Economical!

2. Protect wavelength: 200-460nm; Typical wavelength: 450nm, etc.
   Application: UV, violet, blue laser protection.

    LS-V: VLT=79%, OD5+ for 200-460nm,
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB5 for 315-460nm


3. Protect wavelength: 180-534nm & 740-1100nm; Typical wavelength: 532 & 808 & 1064nm, etc.
   Application: ND:YAG and frequency doubling ND:YAG laser protection.
    LS-GI: VLT=22%,
               OD5+ for 180-532nm,
               OD5+ for 900-1080nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB5 + M LB5 for 316-532nm,
                                  DIR LB5 for 900-1080nm.


    LS-GI-2: VLT=20%,
                  OD6+ for 180-534nm,
                  OD5+ for 800-1100nm,
                  OD6+ for 900-1095nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIRM LB6 for 315-534nm,
                                  DIR LB5 for 800-1100nm,
                                  DIRM LB6 for 900-1095nm,

    LS-GI-3: VLT=13%,
                  OD7+ for 180-534nm,
                  OD5+ for 740-1100nm,
                  OD7+ for 900-1095nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIRM LB6 for 315-534nm,
                                  DIRM LB5 for 740-1100nm,
                                  D LB6 + IRM LB7 for 900-1095nm,


4. Protect wavelength: 620-700nm; Typical wavelength: 635nm, 650nm, 694nm, etc.
   Application: ruby, red laser protection.
    LS-R: VLT=50%, OD4+ for 620-700nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB4 for 620-700nm
     LS-R-2: VLT=25%, OD6+ for 620-700nm. (High protection)
     LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB5 for 620-700nm

5. Protect wavelength: 560-600nm; Typical wavelength: 561nm, 577nm, 585nm, 595nm, etc.
   Application: Pulsed-dye laser, yellow laser protection.
    LS-DH: VLT=18%, OD4+ for 585-595nm,
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB4 for 585-595nm,
    LS-DH-2: VLT=7%, OD6+ for 560-600nm,
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB5 for 560-600nm,

6. Protect wavelength: 200-450nm & 630-660nm & 800-1100nm; Typical wavelength: 635nm, 808nm, 980nm, etc.
   Application: red laser, 808 & 980 nm diode laser protection.
    LS-RI: VLT=30%, OD3+ for 630-660nm,
                               OD5+ for 800-830nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB3 for 630-660nm,
                                  DIR LB5 for 800-830nm.
     LS-RI-2: VLT=35%, OD2+ for 630-660nm,
                                  OD5+ for 800-1100nm.
     LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB2 for 630-660nm,
                                   DIR LB5 for 800-1100nm.

    LS-RI-3: VLT=25%, OD3+ for 630-660nm,
                                  OD3+ for 800-830nm,
                                  OD5+ for 900-1100nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB3 for 630-660nm,
                                  DIR LB3 for 800-830nm,
                                  DIR LB5 for 900-1100nm.
     LS-RI-4: VLT=18%, OD4+ for 200-450nm,
                                   OD4+ for 630-660nm,    
                                   OD6+ for 800-1100nm.
     LB-Rating (EN 207): D LB5 + IR LB6  for 316-440nm,
                                   DIR LB4 for 440-450nm,
                                   DIR LB4 for 630-660nm,
                                   DIR LB6 for 800-1080nm,

7. Protect wavelength: 740-850nm; Typical wavelength: 755nm, 808nm, etc.
   Application: alexandrite, 808 nm diode lasers protection.

    LS-AT: VLT=35%, OD5+ for 740-850nm,
                                OD6+ for 780-830nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB5 for 740-850nm,
                                  DIR LB6 for 780-830nm.


8. Protect wavelength: 720-1100nm; Typical wavelength: 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm, etc.
   Application: alexandrite, 808 & 980 nm diode lasers, ND:YAG laser protection.
    LS-AD: VLT=33%, OD5+ for 740-780nm,
                                OD6+ for 780-820nm.
                                OD7+ for 820-1100nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB5 for 740-780nm,
                                  D LB5+ IR LB6 for 780-820nm,
                                  D LB5+ IR LB7 for 820-1080nm.
    LS-AD-2: VLT=25%, OD5+ for 720-1100nm,
    (High protection)       OD7+ for 750-1100nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIRM LB5 for 720-1100nm,
                                  D LB6+ IRM LB7 for750-1100nm.

    LS-AD-3: VLT=31%, OD8+ for 900-1100nm,
    (High protection)
    LB-Rating (EN 207): D LB6+ IR LB8 for 900-1100nm.


9. Protect wavelength: 800-1700nm; Typical wavelength: 755nm, 808nm, 980nm, 1064nm, 1470nm, etc.
   Application: alexandrite, 808 & 980 nm diode lasers, ND:YAG laser protection.
     LS-DT: VLT=18%, OD4+ for 800-1700nm
                                 OD6+ for 900-1550nm
     LB-Rating (EN 207): DIRM LB4 for 800-1400nm,
                                   DIRM LB6 for 900-1400nm,
                                   DI LB3 for 1400-1700nm.


10. Protect wavelength: 660nm & 800-1100nm; Typical wavelength: 808nm, 980nm, 1064nm, etc.
   Application: diode lasers, dental lasers, ND:YAG laser protection.
    LS-IR-HP: VLT=43%, OD1+ for 660nm,
                                    OD5+ for 800-1095nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB1 for 660nm,
                                  DI LB5+ R LB5 for 800-1095nm.
    LS-IR-HP-2: VLT=41%, OD6+ for 800-900nm,
                                       OD7+ for 900-1100nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): D LB5+ IR LB6 for 800-900nm,
                                  D LB5+ IR LB7 for 900-1080nm.

    LS-IR-HP-3: VLT=65%, OD4+ for 800-1100nm,
                                       OD5+ for 830-980nm,
                                       OD7+ for 1000-1095nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB4 for 800-1100nm,
                                  DIR LB5 for 830-980nm,
                                  D LB5+ IR LB7 for 1000-1095nm.


11. Protect wavelength: 1900-3000nm; Typical wavelength: 2100nm, etc.
     Application: Holmium laser, thulium laser protection.
    LS-HO: VLT=55%, OD4+ for 1900-3000nm,
                                OD5+ for 2000-2300nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DI LB3 for 1900-3000nm.


12. Protect wavelength: 2700-3000nm; Typical wavelength: 2940nm, etc.
     Application: Er laser protection.
    LS-ER: VLT=87%, OD6+ for 2700-3000nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DI LB3 for 2940nm.

13. Protect wavelength: 9000-11000nm; Typical wavelength: 10600nm (10.6um), etc.
   Application: CO
laser protection.
    LS-C: VLT=83%, OD6+ for 9000-11000nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DI LB3 for 10600nm.


14. Protect wavelength: 200-1800nm; Specially designed for IPL machine.
    LS-UI: VLT=~10%
Executive standard: CE EN169
    LS-UI-2: VLT=~2%
    Executive standard: CE EN169

15. Protect wavelength: 740-1150nm & 1010-1550nm & 1550-2300nm & 2850-11000nm; Specially designed for absorbent glass sheet.
    LS-GIR: VLT=50%, OD7+ for 740-900nm,
                                 OD8+ for 900-1150nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): D LB6+ IR LB7 for 740-900nm,
                                  D LB6+ IR LB8 for 900-1150nm.



    LS-GIR-2: VLT=75%, OD4+ for 870-950nm,
                                    OD5+ for 950-1000nm,
                                    OD7+ for 1010-1550nm,
                                    OD5+ for 1550-2300nm,
                                    OD4+ for 2850-11000nm.
    LB-Rating (EN 207): DIR LB4 for 870-950nm,
                                  DIR LB5 for 950-1000nm,
                                  D LB6+ IR LB7 for 1010-1400nm,
                              DI LB4 for 1400-2300nm& 2850-11000nm.

Note: VLT: Visible light transmittance (Ambient light), OD: Optical density (Protection value of laser), T: Transmittance in the protective
            wavelength range. Executive standard: CE EN207  
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