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Components & Accessories

Optical Components and Accessories, including a wide selection of Laser Diode, Laser Crystal, Optical Lenses, Optical Filters, Optical Mirrors, Windows, Prisms, Beam splitters, Beam combiner, Beam expander, Temperature controlled heatsink, etc.. They are integrated into a limitless number of applications, such as microscopy, imaging, or interferometry for industries ranging from the life sciences to testing and measurement.
 Laser Diode    Laser Optics


375-1610 nm, output power up to 500 W.

Free space laser diode

Pigtailed laser diode

Fiber coupled laser diode module



Precision optical components.


Laser crystal

Frequency doubling crystal

Lens and Filter

Laser optics
 Fiber Coupler & Fiber & Fiber Optic Collimator    Line Generator

Optical fiber from visible to near IR.


Fiber coupler

Multi-mode/ Single-mode fiber
Fiber optic collimator

  Powel lens is available with fan angles of  5°, 7°, 10°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° 90° and
Laser line generator
 Multi-function Optical System    Spatial Light Modulator
Complete solution of optical system with multi-function.

Shutter and AOM

Multi-function optical system   It can change the amplitude, polarization state or phase of light distribution in space, or convert incoherent light into coherent light.

 Beam Expander    Beam Combiner
Expansion ratio of 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 8X, 10X, 15X beam expanders. beam expander   2 to 5 wavelengths combiner.

Polarization beam splitter/combiner
Beam combiner
 Heatsink    F-Theta Field Scanning Lenses
It can provide a constant temperature for laser to make the laser more stable. Temperature controlled heatsink   F-theta mirrors are used in conjunction with oscillators for laser marking, welding, engraving, etc.

 Signal Generator    AOM & Shutter
Generate pulse signal, high and low electronic level 0-10000/ms variable.

  AOM (Acousto-optic modulator) with repetition rate up to 1MHz.
Shutter with 8ms rise/ fall time.
AOM and shutter
 Variable Attenuator    Articulated Arm
Circular and square attenuators which can vary the output power from 0.1%-100%.   Used in conjunction with various types of CO2, YAG, and other wavelengths Laser Systems as a means of delivering the laser energy from the laser launch to the process point.
 Laser Safety Protective Housing    Laser Goggles

Laser safety is the key important thing during laser operation. CNI can offer laser safety protective housing that protect from laser damage.


Laser safety is the key important thing during laser operation. CNI can offer proper laser goggles that protect from laser damage.

Laser goggles
 Laser Power Supply    Laser Viewing Card
With OLED display, switch power and modulation mode easily; Integrated RS232 option provides communication protocol.   Hand-held UV/ infrared viewers for observation and alignment, wavelengths available from 250nm to 13um.

 Grating    Lab Platform
Laser gratings are used for selected frequency, pulse compression and sampling in laser systems.   Lab Platform can be used to roughly adjust the laser height.

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