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CNI offers the optical filters including dielectric-coated filters, colored glass filters, cut-off filters , notch filters and neutral density filters. And the substrates are optional, including N-BK7, UV fused sllica, K9 and silicon. CNI can offer different kinds of lens upon your requests.

 Notch Filter


Narrow notch filters are used in Raman spectroscopy and instrument amplifiers to reduce or prevent audio feedback, while having little noticeable effect on the rest of the frequency spectrum. Other names include 'band limit filter', 'T-notch filter', 'band-elimination filter' and 'band-reject filter'.


 Laser Clean-up Filter


Laser clean-up filters will provide up to 90% peak transmission, center wavelength tolerances is 0.5nm. Mainly used in laser ranging, fluorescence analysis and other spectroscopic applications.

 Long-pass Edge Filter


Long-pass filters are made features of high transmission in the pass band and high blocking in the reject band. Mainly used in fluorescence measurement, Astronomy Applications, image acquisition, machine vision, etc.

 Dichroic Filter


Dichroic filters are designed to be used at a 45° angle of incidence and separate light by transmitting and reflecting light. Mainly used in fluorescence microscopy and filtering of spectral components, etc.

 Neutral Density Filter


CNI provide two kinds of variable attenuators for different application, The circular variable attenuator can make the optical density linearly varies around a 0°-270° circle for measuring laser energe farthest. As for the square one, the optical density linearly varies across the length for measuring laser energe.


The thickness of the coating layer is not equal on the lens, and the long wave pass cutoff range shows a gradual change result on the lens. Commonly used in cutoff of grating multistage diffraction light, putting before CCD of optical fiber spectrometer. The quartz substrate was coated by ion sputtering to achieve minimum autofluorescence and high laser damage threshold.
CNI provide standard model size 41.4mm×9.5mm×1mm.

 Raman Spectroscopy Filters


Filter sets ensures high transmittance of Raman scattering spectrum while filtering out high-intensity laser. The filter sets are produced by the advance ion beam sputtering coating process of Veeco equipment.

CNI can offer different kinds of filters upon your requests.



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