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Fiber Optic Spectrometer

Fiber optic spectrometer with the advantages of modularization and flexibility of its measuring system is widely used to measure wavelength and line width of laser, LED and common light source, can accurately obtain the spectral characteristics of the light source which is being tested. CNI developed spectrometers with the characteristics of compact and portable design, plug and play, easy operation and Spectral Analysis 5.0 software downloads, which are extensively applied on the fields of scientific research, teaching, industries and many other applications. CNI can also customize the wavelength and resolution of the spectrometers according to different customers’ demands.
High Resolution Spectrometer-Aurora4000 High sensitivity spectrometer Sunshine Compact spectrometer Firefly4000

 High Resolution Spectrometer Aurora4000

Resolution is up to 0.1 nm (FWHM)
Applications: Laser wavelength analysis; LED sorting; Chemical research, etc.

High Sensitivity Spectrometer Sunshine

Quantum efficiency is up to 80%
Applications: Raman spectrum; Semiconductor processing; Life science; Gas analysis, etc.

 Compact Spectrometer

Compact and portable design
Applications: Laser wavelength analysis; Biochemical analysis; Teaching experiments, etc.
Components & Accessories

HLS-1000 Halogen Tungsten
Light Source

Wide range of continuous spectrum (340-2000nm), can be used for sample detection of absorbance and transmittance...

TG Series External Trigger Box

It can make the spectrometer work synchronously when the external signal is triggered to realize the spectrum synchronization measurement.

Fiber Holder

Height: 130mm
Base diameter: 60mm
Customization available 


Length:1m, 2m (optional)
Connector: SMA905
Core diameter: 200μm, 400μm (optional)


 Optical Signal Collector

Diameter: 5mm
Focal length: 6mm
Model: L-UV; Wavelength >200nm
Model: L-VIS; Wavelength >350nm


4 Way Cuvette Holder

Dimensions: 70*70*25mm
Optical path: 10*10mm
Connector: SMA905
It can be used with cuvette for transmittance and fluorescence detection.

Linear Variable
Long Wave Pass Filter

The quartz substrate was coated by ion sputtering to achieve minimum autofluorescence and high laser damage threshold.

Raman Spectroscopy Filters

The filters are produced by the advance ion beam sputtering coating process of Veeco equipment.


Plane Ruled Gratings

There are a wide range of ruled and blaze wavelength gratings, thy are widely used in biochemical instruments, spectral instruments, spectrophotometers, etc.
Sample Spectrum
Laser spectrum detection LED spectrum detection Tungsten lamp spectrum detection
Laser spectrum  LED spectrum Tungsten lamp spectrum
Rare earth fluorescence spectrum detection Acetone Raman spectrum detection Aluminum alloy LIBS spectrum detection
Rare earth fluorescence spectrum Acetone Raman spectrum Aluminum alloy LIBS spectrum


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