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Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectrum is a kind of scattering spectrum, through the laser action on the sample scattering spectrum analysis, can get molecular vibration, rotation information, so as to be applied to the study of molecular structure of an analysis method. Raman spectroscopy provides rapid, simple, repeatable and, more importantly, non-invasive qualitative and quantitative analysis without sample preparation, which can be measured directly through a fiber optic probe or through glass, quartz, and fiber optics.

The Raman effect is a kind of scattering spectrum technology, so the spectrum purity, line width and stability of excited light are very high requirements.


  Composition of Raman Spectrometer

High Sensitivity Spectrometer-Sunshine

Laser Source

A variety of linewidth options at:
257, 360, 405, 473, 514.5, 532, 633, 660, 785, 830, 980, 1064 nm...


High sensitivity;
Up to 80% quantum efficiency;
spectral range 200 - 1100 nm.


Excitation wavelength:
360, 405, 532, 785, 830 nm...

  Raman Spectrometer Solution

Portable Raman Spectrometer

Combined Raman Spectrum System

Fast connection, flexible operation. Wavelength is optional according to customer's actual requirements.

Portable Raman Spectrometer

Simple measurement and easy operation, external power supply, vehicle-mounted charger; Dustproof, waterproof, anti-vibration, anti-glare interference ...

Micro Raman Spectrum Measurement System

Desktop Raman Spectrum System

Build-in narrow line width laser - power adjustable, high sensitivity spectrometer - used for weak signal detection.

Micro Raman Spectrum Measurement System

It combines micro system and Raman system which facilitates the Raman micro area detection.

 ■ Components & Accessories
Raman Software

Raman Software

The Raman spectrum of the samples are compared with database for qualitative analysis. The database is accessible to the outside world, and has self-built database function.

Linear Variable
Long Wave Pass Filter

The quartz substrate was coated by ion sputtering to achieve minimum autofluorescence and high laser damage threshold.

Raman Spectroscopy Filters

The filters are produced by the advance ion beam sputtering coating process of Veeco equipment.

Raman Cuvette

Connect the Raman cuvette and Raman/fluorescence probe, which is able to switch solid, liquid and other materials flexibly for meeting testing needs.

Raman Probe Holder

Dimensions: 120*100*205 mm
Customization available on request


Raman Detection Tool

Dimensions: 200*250*270 mm
Focus adjustment method: manual coarse adjustment.
Adjustable distance: 50mm
Coarse single lap distance: 25mm

 ■ Sample Raman Spectrum
Heroin raman spectrum Methanol raman spectrum Vitamin C tablets raman spectrum
Heroin Raman spectrum Methanol Raman spectrum Vitamin C tablets Raman spectrum
PETN explosive raman spectrum Tripolycyanamide raman spectrum Diamond raman spectrum
PETN explosive Raman spectrum Tripolycyanamide Raman spectrum Diamond Raman spectrum


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