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Laser Pulse Parameter Measurement——Photoelectric Detector


Pulse width is an important parameter of the pulsed laser and the measurement result is an important factor affecting the single pulse energy. At present, photoelectric detectors are commonly used in industrial production and scientific research to test the pulse width, convert optical signals into electrical signals, and read the waveforms and related parameters through an oscilloscope.
CNI can offers photoelectric detectors for monitoring ultra-fast pulsed laser and measuring their pulse width, rise time, repetition frequency, period and other parameters. For detecting high speed signals, a 50Ω load resistor is also recommended.


Testing Instrument: Photoelectric Detector


D200-SI/ D320-SI/ D800-IN

  • Wavelength range: 200-1700 nm
  • Rise time: 1ns/ 35ns/ 350ps
  • Equipped with built-in 12V bias battery
  • Ultra compact design and can be used for measurement in narrow spaces
  • Fiber coupling via SM1 optical adapter

DA320-SI/ DA350-SI

  • Wavelength range: 320-1100 nm
  • Fixed gain low noise amplifier
  • Built-in 50Ω load impedance
  • Equipped with ±12V stabilized voltage supply


±12V Regulated Linear Power Supply
  • For DA series photoelectric detectors
  • ±12V DC output
  • Three pins of power cable are grounded, +12V and -12V
  • Equipped with LED switch indicator

Technical Parameter

Model Wavelength Range Rise Time Bandwidth Datssheet
D200-SI 200-1100 nm 1ns 350MHz
D320-SI 320-1100 nm 35ns 10MHz
D800-IN 800-1700 nm 350ps 5GHz
DA320-SI 320-1100 nm 35ns DC-11MHz
DA350-SI 350-1100 nm 10ns DC-12MHz

Examples of the Testing Results

D200-SI Pulse Duration and Frequency Testing D200-SI Cycle Testing
D800-IN Pulse Duration and Rise/ Fall Time Testing


50Ω Load Desistor BNC Cable SM1-SMA Fiber Optic Adapter SM1-FC Fiber Optic Adapter


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