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Thermopile Laser Power Meter

Thermopile Laser Power Meter


    CNI developed thermopile laser power meter, it is composed of USB series, hand-held series and TP100 power meter with TS/ HS series sensor. This power meter can accurately measure various laser power, it is equipped with PC software to store measured data and portable built-in rechargeable battery, which is easy to operate.
CNI, as the international designer and manufacturer of laser system, fully understands customers' actual demand for laser power measurement and analysis, a few series of customized power measurement instrument can be offered. CNI sincerely provides with high configuration which can meet customers' demand of measurement and funding level based on the actual application understanding, technology and measuring instrument selection. In order to make customers gain higher cost performance, CNI offers modular selection which can easily extend configuration in future demand change.

 ◆Thermopile Power Meter New!

    The head of thermoelectric laser power meter has TP100 model. It can be compatible with all sensors of TS series and HS series, and can be connected to PC through USB. It has data recording, remote control, using sampling software to draw the trend chart, trend graph, statistics and average function, and long-term stability measurement.



  • Full touch LCD display
  • Wide range and high precision measurement
  • The spectral range covers the band of 0.19-20 μm
  • External rechargeable battery, long standby time
  • 180 degree bracket design, free to adjust the operating angle
  • Minimum sample collection time interval 0.1s
  • Thermopile with high damage threshold
  • Support downlodad for Power Meter

 TS series (Wide range):

  TS2+TP100 2mW-2W
  TS5+TP100 5mW-5W






  TS100+TP100 New! 0.5W-100W
  TS200+TP100 New! 0.5W-200W
  TS300+TP100 New! 0.5W-300W
      Main features:
  • Wavelength range: 0.19-25µm
  • Damage threshold: 45kW/cm2
  • Power range: 2mW-300W
    (2W/ 5W/ 15W/ 35W/ 50W/ 100W/ 200W/ 300W optional)
  • Active area diameter: 22/ 25mm
  • Continuous measurement time (<10W): Unlimited

  HS series (High precision):

HS1+TP100 100µW-1W
HS5+TP100 500µW-5W
       Main features:
  • Wavelength range: 0.19-15µm
  • Damage threshold: 1.5kW/cm2
  • Power range: 100µW-5W (1W/ 5W optional)
  • Active area diameter: 9mm
  • SMA905/ FC fiber switch connector (Optional)

  Hand-held Laser Power Meter:

HP2  New! 10mW-2W
HP50  New! 0.5W-50W
       Main features:
  • Wavelength range: 0.19-25µm
  • Damage threshold: 40kW/cm2
  • Power range: 10mW-50W
  • Active area diameter: 22mm

  USB Series Laser Power Meter (Multi-channel):

TS2/ TS5/ TS15-USB 2mW-15W
TS35/ TS50-USB 10mW-50W
TS100/ TS200-USB 0.5W-200W
HS1/ HS5-USB 100µW-5W
       Main features:
  • Wavelength range:0.19 -25µm
  • Power range: 100µW-200W
  • Single channel/ multiple channel power measurement
  • PC upper computer software display measurement

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  • Over range using is forbidden. 
  • The admirable incidence angle of the laser on the surface of the detector is zero.
  • The calibration date of this power meter is written on the qualified cards. It need to be calibrated for every year.
  • The warranty time is one year
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