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New Release  
2023/07/11  Supercontinuum laser, spectrum from 470-2400nm. Details
2023/06/28  MGL-S laser series are small size and compact design with a good water resistance IP67. Details
2023/05/29  Photoelectric detector for measuring parameters such as pulse width, rise time, repetition frequency, noise, etc.  Details
2023/04/27  Wavelength calibration sources are available for convenient spectrometer calibration across 253~1700nm.  Details
2023/03/25  375-1550nm high power OEM laser module, output power up to 500W.  Details
2023/02/09  Laser viewing card can detect wavelengths from 250nm~13um.  Details
2023/01/18  213~1064nm Sub-nanosecond laser with 1.5~2ns pulse width for LIBS, LIF Details
2022/12/27  375-980 nm High power fiber coupled laser systems, output power up to 500W Details
2022/11/05  Multi-wavelength solid-state light engine for illumination in microscopy and life science applications.  Details
2022/10/26  New launched high power CW 355nm laser, up to 1W.  Details
2022/10/17  Biased Photodetector for measuring parameters such as pulse width, rise time, repetition frequency and period. Details
2022/09/17  Single-mode fiber coupled diode laser with <0.5% high power stability.  Details
2022/08/06  New launched 250nm~13um Laser Viewing Card.  Details
2022/07/22  Nanosecond pulsed diode laser with tunable pulse width 10ns-10ms and user triger frequency up to 80MHz.  Details
2022/06/23  Specially designed 1268nm~1683nm laser for Gas Detection with 3MHz narrow linewidth.  Details
2022/05/27  New wavelength 570nm with output power 100mW Details
2022/04/29  457, 532, 589, 639, 1064, 1342nm single longitudinal mode laser for Holography, output power up to 10W Details
2022/03/24  New launched ultra-stable waveform editable laser light source for Optogenetics Details
2022/02/25  375-980nm high power line laser module for Machine Vision.  Details
2022/01/26  New launched 589& 620nm CW fiber laser with <0.5% rms power stability, line width <0.5nm and M2<1.1.  Details
2021/12/28  Slim laser power meters with 6 mm probe are designed to take power measurements in a narrow space.  Details
2021/12/9   633/ 638/ 660/ 785/ 830 nm Single longitudinal mode diode laser with narow linewidth <50MHz, coherent length >2 m.
2021/11/30  639nm Single Frequency Laser with wavelength stability <0.4pm@ 24 hours for Holography. Details
2021/10/27  Laser Speckle Reducer can supply the even beam distribution for lasers. Details
2021/09/26  Adjustable Fiber Clamp Fiber holder. Details
2021/08/28  10mW-50W portable power meter in compact size. Details
2021/07/24  Fiber optic cannula, rotary joint and other accessories for Optogenetics. Details
2021/06/28  Frequency 0-100KHz, duty cycle 1-99% adjustable signal generator for Optogenetics. Details
2021/05/29  445-980 nm High power fiber coupled laser systems, output power up to 200W. Details
2021/04/26  Compact heatsink for S/ U laser series. Details
2021/03/27  New launched dual-wavelength fiber coupled laser with spectral linewidth<0.1 nm for Raman spectroscopy. Details
2021/03/25  200W Laser power meter with 0.19 -20µm wavelength range, 25mm active area diameter. Details
2021/02/23  Raman spectroscopy filters are produced by the advance ion beam sputtering coating process of Veeco equipment. Details
2021/01/28  488nm Q-switched laser with 75µJ@ 30ns@ 4kHz& 2.5kW peak power. Details
2020/12/31  Newly launched 355/ 532/ 1064nm Laser Marking System with compact and portable design. Details
2020/12/24  2-6 wavelengths can be combined into one Multi-channel laser system and individually controlled. Details
2020/12/12  Ultra compact design laser system for laser ranging application, ranging distance is up to 20km. Details
2020/11/20   Diode laser from 375nm to 980nm is specially designed for Raman spectroscopy with narrow linewidth 0.06 nm. Details
2020/09/14   213~1064 nm mode-locked & picosecond laser with min. pulse width ~10 ps, high rep. rate 0.1-20 MHz. Details
2020/07/10   Line Laser for Machine Vision with Min. line width < 40um, output power up to 150 W. Details
2020/05/15   Commemorate the 60th anniversary of the invention of laser. Details
2020/05/06   Laser power meter with 100µW-100W measurement range, multi-channel USB connection with PC is optional. Details
2020/03/31   Multi-line laser combiner systems with 2-20 wavelengths optional from UV to IR. Details
2020/02/25   CNI had a good show at Photonics West 2020. Details
2020/01/21   Marking laser for translucent button with adjustable repetition rate 1-200kHz. Details
2019/11/02   The fifth innovation award of Nanometer optoelectronics and application, sponsored by CNI was held at CUST. Details
2019/11/02   The first Scholarship of Photonics, sponsored by CNI was held at CUST. Details
2019/09/05   Multi-channel spectrometer with high resolution and wide spectral range. Details
2019/07/19   Prof. Martin Booth of the Oxford University, visited CNI. Details
2019/06/29   785 nm Single longitudinal mode diode laser with narow linewidth <0.0001 nm, coherent length >2 m. Details
2019/06/13   532/ 1064 nm Q-switched laser with high single pulse energy 1~670µJ@ 30kHz@ up to 45kW peak power.
2019/04/04   213~1064 nm pulsed laser & picosecond laser with pulse width ~50 ps, high rep. rate 0.1-10 MHz. Details
2019/02/23   830/ 1053nm Infrared laser with wide bandwith 20/ 55nm, used for OTC medical Imaging, broadband light source etc.
2019/02/13   Newly launched 450nm 100-150W fiber coupled diode laser, applicable to 3D printing, coating, welding, etc. Details
2019/01/30   Upgraded Raman Probe series, available for 360nm, 405nm, 532nm, 633nm, 639nm, 785nm, 830nm, 1064nm. Details
2018/11/12   High energy 532 nm laser with good beam profile M2<1.5, 500uJ@ 7kHz @<5ns. Details
2018/08/17   266 nm ps fiber laser with pulse width 100 ps & rep. rate variable, and mode locked one with pulse width<10ps. Details
2018/08/09   DOE lasers for machine vision, beam patterns in multi-line/ring, grid, cross, etc. Details
2018/04/19   Nanosecond pulsed diode laser with variable pulse width 10ns-10 ms. Details
2018/01/03   Mid-Infrared CW DPSS laser at 3800 nm and Tunable laser of 1356~1512 nm & 3590~4940 nm,
                        for spectroscopy, remote sensing, medical
, etc.
2017/12/13   Raman Spectroscopy - laser source (405, 532, 633, 785 nm...), spectrometer, probe, software, etc. Details
2017/10/28   DFB laser for fiber communications & gas detection such as CH4, H2S, NH3, C2H2, C2H4, etc. Details
2017/09/20   Picosecond diode laser, with smallest pulse width 100 ps and rep. rate up to 80 MHz. Details
2016/09/09   MDL-C laser with long coherence length >1 m for Holography, Interference, etc. Details
2016/04/25   MDL-E diode lasers with spectral linewidth < 0.03 nm for DNA sequencing, etc. Details
2018/02/07 Dr. Stephen D. Fantone, Vice Chairman of the Optical Society of America, visited CNI. He highly recognized the R&D strength and production scale, and expressed his wish of cooperation in laser fields. Details
2017/05/25  CNI released 532 nm actively stabilized frequency laser with long-term frequency shift <0.2 pm.
2017/02/20  CNI released 3.5W@577 nm yellow lasers for Photocoagulation (Ophthalmology), etc. Details
2017/01/23  CNI released Mini laser series with ultra compact for Medical treatment, Confocal microscopy, etc. Details

2016/09/30  CNI released 2W@457 nm, 2.5W@671 nm single longitudinal mode laser for Holography, Interference, etc. Details

2016/09/09  CNI released MDL-C lasers with long coherence length >1 m for Holography, Interference, etc. Details

2016/01/01  CNI released Multi-wavelength lasers with integrated electronics, up to 6 wavelengths available. Details

2016/04/28  CNI releases MxL-U DPSS lasers with linewidth< 0.003 nm for Flow cytometry, Raman spectroscopy etc. Details

2016/04/25  CNI releases MDL-E diode lasers with linewidth< 0.06 nm (< 0.03 nm with extra heatsink) for Raman spectroscopy, DNA sequencing, etc. Details

2016/04/07  CNI releases MDL-XS diode lasers, integrated electronics, plug and play for Confocal microscopy, etc. Details

2016/03/08  CNI releases MxL-S DPSS lasers with good performance and reliability for Life sciences and Medical. Details

2016/01/06  CNI released Fiber laser with wavelengths from 266-1550 nm for Medical, communication, etc. Details

2015/12/04  Mr. Orlovich Valentin, member of Academy of Sciences of Belarus, and Mr. Roman G. SHULYAKOVSKY, the chief of Applied Physics Research Institute of
   Academy of Sciences of Belarus, visited CNI and did mutual beneficial exchanges.

2015/02/10  CNI develops frequency stabilized lasers, with ±200MHz frequency stability in 8 hours and wavelengths of 532nm, 561nm and 671nm.

2015/01/04  CNI launches PGL-F series laser modules, with the advantage of PC controlled and lens optional to get diversiform patterns, such as dot laser, line laser,
   crossed laser, which can be widely used in machine vision, alignment applications.

2014/12/11  CNI researches and develops a series of high frequency modulated lasers which could be operated up to 1 MHz, including single longitudinal mode and
   good stability lasers, such as 473 nm, 532 nm, 556 nm, 561nm, 671 nm.

2014/07/21 As part of the company’s program to industrialize high performance scientific OEM lasers, CNI has launched its eye-safe laser QML-1573 for telemeter

2014/07/18  CNI reaches the milestone of 2000pcs sold for Optogenetics Applications!

2014/06/16  CNI researched and developed a thermoelectric laser power meter, with the average power measurement range from 10mw to 15W,30W,50W,100W,
   wavelength between 0.19um to 25um, and it equipped with PC software to store measured data.

2014/05/10  CNI recently developed flash lamp and diode-pumped laser of different high pulse energies up to 1J. The available wavelengths include 1064 nm, 532 nm,  
355 nm and 266 nm,  which is widely used in PIV and other applications.

2013/09/16  With a new development process, CNI has newly launched the wavelength of 604  nm and 607 nm laser, which are the ideal substitute for He-Ne lasers, also
   the SLM 556 nm and 457 nm laser are developed for the single longitudinal mode requirements.

2013/04/11  CNI announced the launch of R series single longitudinal mode/ single frequency green laser at 532 nm up to 6 Watts and IR laser at 1064 nm up to 10
   Watts, with the features of a single-mode (TEM00) spatial beam profile and good long term power stability.

2013/03/11  CNI recently developed high power water cooling Q-switched solid state 532 nm green laser up to 300 watts, 589 nm yellow laser up to 70 watts, and   
660 nm red laser up to 120 watts, which has been designed as a complete laser solution for industry use in diverse applications.

2013/03/01  With a new development process, CNI has improved the beam profile quality of low power special wavelengths solid state lasers as TEM00, including 556 nm,
   561 nm, 589 nm, 593 nm, which are provided in any range of life science, metrology or inspection applications.

2013/01/04  CNI released the FN series AOM Q-switched laser at 532 nm up to 60uJ and 500 mW. With the features of compact dimension, low power consumption,
   high peak power, good beam profile, it ideally meets the needs of high finesse laser marking and scientific research.

2012/08/06  CNI recently developed Model Raman2012-785 Raman Spectrometer, which includes the detector, fiber spectrometer, electronics, probe and laser
   technologies that provides users with a remarkably sensitive system for demanding low-light level Raman spectroscopy, which is
widely used for the biological and medical
   fields to research material composition determination and confirmation.

2012/06/05  CNI released the FN series low noise lasers at 556 nm, 561 nm and other wavelengths on request, with advantages of small size, high efficiency, and long-
   term reliability, which are provided in any range of life science, metrology or inspection applications

2012/05/30  CNI announced the launch of good beam green laser at 532 nm up to 10W, with the TEM00 beam profile and high power level, it is widely used in
   pumping Ti:S, laser medical treatment, scientific experiment, optical instrument, etc

2010/03/10  CNI new released high-power fiber-coupled diode laser system with wavelengths of 635 nm, 808 nm, 915 nm, 940 nm, 980 nm, 1470 nm, 1530 nm, 1700 nm
   and 1940 nm. Standard features include a pilot beam, monitor photodiode, power adjustment, temperature control and LED display, which is optimized to meet the
   demanding requirements in medical, laser pump, material processing and other industrial application

2011/02/25  CNI announced the launch of FN series single longitudinal mode and low noise lasers, which offers high output power of SLM 532 nm green laser up to
   500mW, SLM 457 nm and 473 nm blue laser 100mW, SLM 671 nm red laser 400mW, SLM 561 nm yellow laser 50mW. With the features of a single-mode (TEM00)
   spatial beam profile and good long term power stability, they are ideal for use in interferometry, holography, microscopy, and cytometry.

2010/08/20  In order to meet the Raman Spectroscopy, CNI new released high-power excitation laser source at 785 nm, which is spectrum stabilized and with a narrow
   spectral line width of below 0.2 nm. FC-D-785 has laser drivers and a thermoelectric coolers integrated, with > 1000mW of FC fiber-coupled output power, make it
   for industrial and medical applications.

2010/07/15  CNI announced the launch of single longitudinal mode blue laser at 473nm, this is particularly used in 532/671/473 nm full-colour holography applications.


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